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Name:Lee McKenna
Birthdate:Mar 20
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:♥ dream like new york

Lee Callum McKenna was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. His father is a chef and owned a local restaurant at the time, and his mother was a Mountie in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Their marriage wasn't very long-lived. They had only known each other three years, and married just under a year when Lee was born, having been conceived on their honeymoon. It was a matter of jumping into things way too soon, and even though they stayed friends, they divorced when Lee was two years old. They had joint custody of Lee after that and he grew up with a good relationship with both parents, but lived most of the time with his mother. Once Lee was in high school, his dad decided to move to Toronto to open a bigger restaurant. Lee missed him, and made the trip there about once a month and in school holidays to visit, but he understood why his dad needed to go.

From there on, Lee became closer to his mom. He had two best friends that he met in Freshmen year of high school, Hayden Newton and Anthony Ford. Hayden was the only one of the three who still had both parents at home. Anthony lived with his father after he lost his mother when he was younger, and when they were in Junior year at high school, Lee's mom and Anthony's dad started to casually dad. Of course, the boys all thought that was pretty cool. Junior year turned out to be pretty significant in a lot of ways. All three of them were figuring out who they were, and one night when they were hanging out at Hayden's when his parents were out of town, they ended up having a pretty intense threesome and it wasn't something they could just brush aside in the wake of it. It led to them all deciding they were gay, and very, very much wanted to do it again. So, they did. A lot. By the end of the school year, the three of them were basically sleeping together on the regular and feelings began to develop.

It threw up the whole query of whether you could really love two other people at once, and could they all have a relationship together? Would there ultimately be jealousy? Would the judgement that was probably inevitable worth it? Did they even care what anyone thought. It took awhile to figure things out, and they were focusing by them on doing the best they could in their final year. Lee was, simply put, a "child star". He had been discovered in a local talent competition for his singing and a talent agent kicked off a career for him from the age of 16 to 18 where he was a well known teen popstar. Two years was more than enough for him, though, and he struggled to keep up his school work. He got decent enough grades, but was disappointed he didn't do better. He threw in the music career because it didn't feel like something he wanted to pursue, and when Anthony scored an amazing spot at college to study IT Engineering in New York, both Hayden and Lee decided to go with him.

They got a place together in New York, with Hayden wanting to become a Personal Trainer and Lee was keen to pursue a career in Interior Design. He was the more effeminate of three, Hayden the sporty one, and Anthony the technical academic one. It was once they were in New York that the question of what it was happening between them and what did they want it to be. The sex was still extremely hot, and even though they slept together as a ménage à trois, they also had sex as twosomes if one wasn't there... and there was never any jealousy either. It just was what it was, and one day, they just realised to fuck with what anyone thought, and considered themselves to be a dating threesome, and they were in love with two people, not just one. Anthony was enjoying college, and and Hayden was stuck right into getting his Personal Training qualifications. Lee was the one who sort of accidentally tripped into a job as a Wedding Planner. He was studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design at the New York School of Interior Design, and he struck up a conversation in Starbucks one day with a young Wedding Planner who was looking for an assistant. He jumped at it, needing the extra cash, and found he loved it. When she ended up unexpectedly pregnant and had a lot of complications and a sick baby, she offered for Lee to buy her small, yet successful, business off her. He hadn't been able to afford it, but asked his dad to borrow the cash, who was happy to help his son out being a successful business owner himself.

Lee has now graduated and has incorporated Interior Design into his business, discovering that newlywed couples often were looking to decorate their new places together. He now has a thriving business, whilst Hayden is a successful personal trainer to a lot of well-known New Yorkers, owning his own exclusive gym just a stone's throw from their apartment. Anthony is an IT Manager with a huge pharmaceutical company in the City, Beaumont Industries, owned by Julian Beaumont and his father. Their relationship is still going strong, and very recently, Anthony became a sperm donor for a lesbian couple he is close friends with, and they welcomed a baby girl. The three boys have the baby visit one weekend a month, and it has become a very much "3 Men and a Baby" scenario when she is around.

Lee is a bit of a gay bitch, but he's generally a laid-back person. He takes his work seriously and loves it, having developed a very savvy business mind over the years. His life priorities are always Anthony and Hayden, closely followed by his business, and he now feels like New York is very much his home. The three of them have a lot of friends, and like to throw large parties. Their friends and loved ones have just accepted their situation as the norm for them, and anyone who judged them, they cut from their life pretty quick smart. They're happy and they can't see their situation changing any time soon... if ever. They live in a super modern and trendy loft-style apartment on the Upper East Side (decorated by Lee, of course) and have just found a formula that works for them.

Lee exists for musebox/PSL, ♥ dreamlikenewyork.
He is an original character for RP purposes only. PB is Asher Book.
No infringement intended, for fun only.

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